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Woke up yesterday woke up, paid for another dia en la hamicka and headed to the kitchen with my fresh eggs. Un amigo that was cooking his torttillas fritas. I've seen him making then before and it reminded me of home...not sure why because no one makes them para mio. When he was done, he offered me one and I did eat! It was the size of a doughnut and had a little bit of sugar on it, muy RICO! tasted like a sopapilla.

We decided to head to the beach down the road. We walked for about 15minutes and caught a trail toward the beach. It was pretty and kept my eyes making sure I didn't touch anything. We nade made it to the beach but thought we were at the wrong place because it was still dense but I walked to the left and saw miles of beautiful beach as the waves hit them. I was overcome by the moment and just started to laugh! WOW!

"In this great future, u can't forget the past." No Woman, No Cry was on before I left and I found myself singing it as I walked down the beach. We found a spot and jumped in. The weather was nice and the water was great. The waves were pretty good and some people we're surfing. I used the surfboard my momma gave me and did some bodysurfing.

I was laying on the beach and Estephan de France (met him and los dos othros my first night here) popped up from the surf! We went with him to neet his amigos de rugby. First time throwing the rugby ball? But didn't make the mistake of throwing overhand, I got a little more sense then that!

I was chasing the ball down and got the feeling to run, so I ran. Let my feet take me down the beach like it was my first time. That is the way I sieze the moment!

When we were walking back, two amigas de Swiss we met before rode up en los bicicletas. We chatted as we walked back and decided to chill for a bit. One of them had been studying spanish here so we talked mainly in spanish
. Never thought I'd be walking down the street in CR speaking spanish with a Swiss girl!

We were back at the hostel when we met Buck de Boston. He is a skater for Disney on ice and travels the world with them, cool! We made plans to meet them later for dinner.

Had shrimp cocktail, which was good, y un Cuba Libre. Afterwards we headed over to the Lazy Mon bar for some live music. We ran into, christaino who had been here for 3 days but couldn't find us. They were headed out in the morning so we said goodbye. My friend de las tortikkas fritas was next to me and we talked. He is a friend of my braceket making friend Adrian de Argentina and travels with him. The music was great so I found a spot in front, and introduced myself to Stephanie de Canada.

Today we decided to get a good breakfast so we walked into town and had some rediculously good pancakes de pineapple. They were served with fresh pineapple, watermelon, and strawberries with a sidecar of molasses. Es muy rico.

Made plans to take a trip to bocas del toro in Panama tomorrow. Have to head to san jose to get my bank card but ill figure that out later.

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Glad to see you are having fun. Just to fill you in: we built the kids a swingset and fort took my buddy Andre and I 10 hours and 2 awful sunburns but that SOB is done and they are loving it!

by j

I've got the itch man. I'm breaking out in hives, I got the itch so bad. WTF. What does an average day cost you out there? You should say "had shrip cocktail and 3 beers ($9), Taking the bus to San Jose ($2)" I'm just curious what it costs to travel there now.

by Rodolfo

J-Sounds like fun! do they like it?
Fo - i feel ya man and will try but keeping it as cheap as possible without worrying about the $ at the same time. I think if I can just tell you how much the beer is, it will be a good baromiter. Beer in puerto viejo was like 725 colones for a 16oz, and it´s about 500/1 right now so over a dollar. Food is costing about 6 or so to eat at a restaurant. I´m not sure if it is because of where I was but maybe it´s cheaper en la costa picifica. I´m in panama right now but have to head back to san jose to get my atm then will probably head out as soon as possible. It is supposed to be cheaper here in Boca but just paid 10 for a dorm and 12 for lunch so not so cheap.

by DondeNathan

They do! We have been doing alot outdoors lately which has been enjoyable. I will be laying down the rubber mulch this evening underneath the swing area. (it wont splinter and has 12 yr guarantee) I have also taken on the project of maintaning the grapevines in our yard. It is super tehcnical but I enjoy it quite a bit.
The girls are doing great M has discovered she loves swimming. G is still a fish in the water. Her reading has come a long way. We have been having her read to us each eveneing and she is getting really good. They Miss ya! Keep living the dream. Hope you find who came to find. BTW who the hell is going to be the Commish in the Fam Pigskin league?

by j

?Que dice la buena vida? Have you started the dream book? How are the pic coming? I saw you got a lesson. Try to put some up when in town. Remember to fallow your shoes. O yea my vote is for surfing next.

by Toby

I'm glad you are having so much fun! I feel like I am already seeing a change in you and am so proud of what you are doing. Thank you for keeping up with this blog, I check it everyday! Love you brother

by Nicole

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