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Wise words of a Tico

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detail to come but wanted to make sure to set a placemark for some wise words from a friend that I knew for only a day but impacted me when we said goodbye and he told me "i hope you find yourself on your journey." ...WOW! Keeping my ears open and my mind on the moment!

@ the full moon party. Got an expert crash course on photography so hopefully my pix get better.


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Feet in the sand

Pura vida in Puerto Viejo Talamanca

I met phillip from Germany @ the Costa rica Backpackers.hostel Wednesday night and decided to go with him to Puerto Viejo T. I finally had my.first meal of gallo pinto de carne en salsa (marinated beef, white rice, black beans and cabbage salad) then we caught a cab to the bus station. Our driver was really cool and was listening to the Beatles when we got in. He said he learned english from the radio.

We got to.the station with a minute to spare but missed our bus after getting in the wrong line twice so we hung out for 2hours. The bus was nice and the 5hour ride was good. It was nice to get out of the city and see some of the vast vegitation and great views. We got a good amount of rain during the ride. After our rest stop in Limon, we turned a corner and the Carribean ocean greeted us, awesome!!

It gets dark early here so it was dark and sprinkling when we arrives. We were the last ones off the bus and a guy came up asked us if we wanted a ride to Rockin Js, coincidently the hostel we were headed to. I smelled a scam but after some talk he assured us it was free so we jumped in the back of his pick-up, very cool! When we arrived, we knew we were in the right place. There were people all over jamming to music, playing games, talking...oh and drinking. We paid 7 for a hammock and 12 for a six pack and joined the party.

It took a couple Imperials to relax then we proceeded to socialize. 3 guys sat at our table and we started to chat them up to find out where they got.their beer from. One was Tico and the othets french. *I'm on my archos and its a pain to do all this typing so ill wrap it up and add details and.pics later*
Cervesas, run de cuba, reggae dance club, finished nite sitting on coral with my feet in the sand. Pura vida!!

Chrtistian from ft collins is going to meet us today. Going to chill today. I don't miss home but do miss u all!

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Departure and Arrival

Portland to San Jose

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In typical Nathan-fashion, the departure was crazy. Even though I had to pack my backpack before I left, I had to redo it before I left Portland. Although I had plenty of time, my methodic approach led to a good amount of organized chaos and a little excitement. Litterally stuffed the last pieces of clothing into my now 37-lb bag and full extra bag and headed to get cash. Should have taken care of that ealier as I couldn´t find a branch and had to just get to the ATM, which was cool cause I could get more $ once I got to Costa Rica. After getting to the airport, they informed me that I had to have proof of a return flight within 90-days to be able to get on the plane so I called my day-saving sister who bought a ticket for me online as I don´t have a laptop. During that frantic call, I realized that I forgot to grab my card back from the ATM!! Should I stay and take care of that before I leave!? Nope, it will work out. So I got on my flight to Denver en route to CR.

The flight was delayed due to rain but we made it. It was ironic that I had a chance to say good bye to the Mile High City before I left the country. My midnight flight to San Jose Costa Rica left just a little late but the flight was good. I didn´t sleep much but got a good 2 hours in and was happy to be awaken by ¨Please prepare for arrival to San Jose.¨The weather was a bit chilly but humid when I arrived but humid as hell! The only plan I had was to head to Costa Rica Backpackers Hostel, where my first journey, 8 years ago, started. It was nice coming to a familiar place when I arrived. $14 for a shared dorm room, I tried not to wake my 9 new roomies. Unfortunately I had to get on the internet and see what I was going to do about my $ before I could get a little sleep. Unfortunately it was too early so I couldn´t do anything. I spent the next couple hours laying in bed getting in 15 to 30 min naps as people were in an out and the train down the street weren´t exactly quiet.

My bunk-mate was the first to greet me outed me as being from the States. I was expecting to meet a bunch of Europeans but he was from Texas and when I mentioned I was from Denver, another guy said he was from Fort Collins, CO, about 45 min from Denver. Wow. Christian is actually Brazilian but has lived in the States for 10 years.

I finally got my google voice to work and was able to figure out that I will hopefully be able to get my bank card in about a week if everything goes well, oh and of course $120, which is like 5 days of living here. Oh well, Pura Vida.

After doing some re-packing and organizing, Christian and I headed out to get some grub. My first Costa Rican meal was actually Peruvian! I can´t remember the name of my plate but it was basically a breaded, fried, tenderized chicken breast with a side of fries and some white rice. It was really good, especially when they brough out the mustard like, spicy sauce that made it great. Back to the hostel for a good nap before happpy hour starts here at the hostel bar. Looking forward to driking some Imperial and listen to the Reggae DJ they have here. For some reason, they only play reggae here, which is Fine with me!

Not sure where my next stop is, may head out of San Jose for a couple days and come back to get my card next week but not sure.

Please see my home page for contact info and donation info

Pics coming.

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About the Journey

He must be crazy

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This journey is much like the last time I went to Costa Rica as I left on short notice without knowing if I had a job when I came back, was not sure what to expect or where I would go. The main difference is that I´m not doing the ¨two-weeker¨thing (a term for people, mainly american, who try to cram a traveling adventure into the 2 weeks of vacation they have from work.) This time, I don´t really have a ¨reality´to go back to.

For those of you who do not know me, I´ll give you the short story. After turning 30, reflecting on my previous travels, and some eye-opening moments in my life over the past year, I decided that the ´Live-to-Work´life that I had embraced and worked hard to get, was not where true happiness was for me. I looked at the Things that I worked for and I considered a part of my identity really did not define me or make me happy or a better person. After constantly telling people to follow their dreams and all that jazz, I took my own advice and quit my job, rented my place out and left my hometown in the name of happiness. I resolved to work for Happiness for the rest of my life and let the hardships, experiences, and adventures define who I am. Oh, and the other reason is that it sounded really cool to give up life and travel.

I wasn´t sure what finding happiness meant but I knew that taking immediate action would be a start. While all options were on the table, I decided that a personal and adventure journey through Central and South America would be a fun place to start. After packing up my place, I took 2 pieces of luggage with me to Portland on a pre-planned family reunion in June, but I decided to cancel the return trip.

Since I had been before, I booked a one-way flight to San Jose Costa Rica with the plan to do whatever moved me. I´ll come back when I feel I´m ready or I go broke. The ´plan´is to head South but who knows.

Now that we are all caught up on the story, I´ll tell you about this blog.

Even through this is a personal journey, there are plenty of people that threatened my life if I didn´t keep them up to date with where I was and what I was up to so I decided this would do the trick. I´m planning on keeping the blog focused on my whereabouts and doings and may share a little about my personal growth as I go.

Along the way, I´m looking forward to experiencing and seeing new things every day, living in the culture and meeting some new people. I do not have any plans or agenda, just taking things day to day and doing what feels right.

It would be really cool if you got inspired but i´m cool with you just keeping tabs on me or living vicariously through my adventure.

I am looking forward to your comments on this blog and/or emails (dondenathan@gmail.com). Email me for my contact # if you want to text and call me. If you are inspired or just want to have some fun, please join me or if you just want to contribute, you can make donations and prolong this fun through Paypal (instruction below) paypal account. This journey is not about money but if you feel moved, feel free to donate. Feel free to comment if you have any creative ways that you can contribute to this trip with your ideas, tips, etc.

I want to send a very sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU to my parents, siblings, family and friends who have supported me and helped me prepare for this life-chaning journey. I would not have the courage to do this without you in my life!!!!!

That´s it for now, thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you stay on for the ride!

Oh and PLEASE share this blog with friends and family liberally


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