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Until the End 09/26/2012
A Tainted Blog 09/10/2012
A Job Well Done 08/15/2012
Back At The Top...Still 08/05/2012
I Am Here! 08/02/2012
Looking Forward? 07/19/2012
Still Going 07/12/2012
Stranded Like Gilligan 08/30/2011
Real World: Panama 08/26/2011
Lost at the Beaches of Panama 08/23/2011
Contact Info 08/18/2011
The Journey Continues With A New Goal and New Destinations 08/18/2011
I Leave With Peace 08/16/2011
No One Can Ever Take Away The Dances You Danced... 08/15/2011
The Acorn 08/12/2011
My Life At Lost and Found 08/08/2011
Will Work for A Free Bed 08/06/2011
Being Who I Am, Acting How I Feel 08/03/2011
Alive in Boca Brava 08/02/2011
Keeping my Eyes in Front of Me, Not Ahead *pics up 07/30/2011
Learning Through Others 07/28/2011
Costa Rica, a Reflection 07/26/2011
Finding my limits...and moving them *fish update* 07/25/2011
Finding my Way 07/24/2011
Where the wind blows (update) 07/21/2011
Jump, Jump 07/21/2011
Breathing my life into the fire 07/19/2011
Let the Feet Lead 07/18/2011
Rock me, mamma rock me 07/17/2011
Finding my Rhythm 07/16/2011
"I hope you find yourself on your journey" 07/15/2011
Feet in the sand 07/15/2011
Departure and Arrival 07/13/2011
About the Journey 07/13/2011